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  • VSL cutting of all notes from patch changes of different VI

    A very strange thing I noticed is patch changes on other instrument channels (local, standalone instances of Kontakt) are causes all the notes for VSL to cut off. I know that sounds really weird, but when I mute the offending Kontakt channels VSL plays fine, if I move the patch changes somewhere else VSL cuts off in the new location. What in the world? I've got two Mac Pros running VE# and a third Mac Pro as my master with DP6. I'm thinking this may be a DP 6 issue and will try the same cue in DP 5 and report back... Jason

  • Just played the same sequence in DP 5 and everything is fine. Rats! I''m loving DP 6 but the bugs are killing me... Jason

  •  Hi Jason,

    I´d  recommend to update to Digital Performer 6.01:

    Best regards,


  • I know, I wish that were the fix! I am in DP 6.01. I think it has something to do with the VI rendering features in DP6. I have both settings on "run in real time" in the preferences but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Thanks for the suggestion! Jason

  • In this case, please contact Motu´s Support.

    B est,


  • I have contacted MOTU support about the difficulties we are having with DP6.01. VE files stutter and chirp for about 3-5 seconds before resuming normal playback and the issue reported above. MOTU tech is aware of issues with instances of Kontakt, btw and are working on a fix (it crashes DP6.01) but they seem mystified by the issue of playback with VE and VI. They seem to want us to investigate things with VSL. Mmmmm. The Bermuda triangle? Paul

  • Paul, I can't help to think this is all centered around how DP6 treats VI's. Even with the all "real time" options checked I still have VI's quickly loading/unloading/whatever in the background when I do things like bounce to disk. VSL actually reload EVERYTHING if I ever make the mistake of opening the VSL Server plug-in. Thanks for the update about MOTU tech support. I'll save my 30 minutes on hold for a future issue... :) Jason