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  • VI SE Strings Plus Playability Question

    Hello. I am having trouble getting the strings to play in a rapid and flowing manner. That is, when I want to simply play lines that are, say, at a tempo of 160, sixteenth notes for a passage, the attacks on all of the articulations are too slow, and I can't get a nice full sound going on. I've looked at the videos and the little manual that came with SE, and adjusted the attack settings to nothing, and I can't get it. I hope you can help! I love the samples, but this one area is what I'd really like to fix. Regards, Dennis

  •  what articulations are you using? im not certain of the content of the SE package, but you'd want to steer toward staccato, (or spicatto or marcato if SE has those.) Legato/sustained/detaches samples arent going to do it for you at that tempo. You can always adjust the attack times in the Edit Cell window.

    > michael 

  •  I have the same problem. You can try some workarounds but really smooth legato at that speed is maybe beyond the skope of SE.

    I have found that the higher velocity-layer have a shorter attack. You could activate velocity crossfade to acccess the upper layers and then adjust main volume with cc7.

    Try VL -14 perf-rep spiccato , also fortepiano could work but not so much for extended passages.

    For using the fast rep BPM you have to match the tempo pretty much exactly. For repeating and jumping  pattern it is an option.

    It would be nice if anybody could expand on my findings.

    Regards  Veet

  • I just realized that I can set my keyboard, a Kurzweil PC88, through Global settings, to the Softest keyboard playing style. This made an improvement when playing VI SE Plus strings. I would still have a lot of work to do in order to learn how to personalize VI. I really don't care to do that, as I'd rather just play music in to Logic through VI without any 'programming.' It's getting better! Regards, Dennis