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  • Newby question about orchestral positions


    I'm new to VI and I have come to discover that people are using two methods for orchestral positioning. My question is: which one gives the best results?

    The first method uses Vienna Ensembles power panning for the direction and the dry/wet balance of the reverb send effect for distance to the audience. But only one reverb send effect is used.

    The second method uses orchestral positions within Altiverb so the different instruments get different Altiverb "sessions"  that are differently configured, although most people use a common "trail" to preserve processor power.

    I can do both methods, I tried them both. I find the first method easier to configure and it uses far less processor power than the second method, even with using a common trail.

    But what gives the best results? Any of the more experienced users want to share some thoughts?



  • Nobody? Really? [:S]