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  • reset to sustain

    Hello, I dont understant the function "reset to sustain" (vienna V2,03238) I made matrix with a legato on 1A a stacato on 2A, I control the H-span whith speed, but impossible to hear the legato for the last note when I play faster, can you help me

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    @fekril said:

    "reset to sustain"

    Are you talking about the reset to sustain button in the GUI? If so, it doesn't do anything. Forget about it.


  •  Hello and welcome fekril, 

    "Reset to sustain" unfortunately does not accept MIDI automation. The best way to go back to a slow articulation is to load it into a different cell and go there by using another controler, when you hit the last slow note after some fast played notes. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL