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  • VSL Pro Edition / OPUS 1 and 2 on Linux

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    I have been running OPUS 1 and 2 on Linux for several years now and just recently upgraded to the Pro Edition Complete.

    I tried to rewrite the performance tool for linux but was able to get the real performance tool working in wine under linux. The Performance Tool opperates to it's full potential under wine and I am able to get the most out of it under Linux. (this took me years to get running!).

    So my setup is as follows:

    So it goes like this:

    Keyboard -> Rosegarden -> The Performance Tool -> Linuxsampler -> Ardour -> System Out

    I am in the process of midi mapping the entire collection as to have all instruments available to me at a click in the Rosegarden (the sequencer).

    Once done I will be able to use the On Demand feature of linuxsampler to load the full orchestra for use and pull only what is needed and release it when done. Linuxsampler supports loading instruments as follows:

    • Persistant (sample is always loaded)
    • On Demand (sample is loaded when called and discared from memory when not needed)
    • On Demand and Hold (sample is loaded when called and stored in memory for instant replay)

    If Linuxsampler runs out of RAM it will keep on working but disregard the sample being requested. So with 8GB of RAM and samples set to On Demand I will be able to run pretty much anything I want.

    Also another nice feature of Linuxsampler is the ability to create arbitrary amounts of midi ports. This really helps because each midi port can have 16 channels, and with being able to create as many as you like you can then map the whole collection to different ports and have everythiong in your library at your fingertips when you need it.

    So all that said it is not 100% like Gigastudio, however that is why I like it! It gives me choice and freedom to do what I need to do and not worry about being locked out!

    If I can be of assistance to anyone who would like to give this workflow a shot please let me know. Keep in mind I am not a musician, I am my wife's audio tech 😊

    Hope this can help someone out!

    P.S. being a programmer I have even had the oppertunity to fix some of the code myself when I was in a crunch 😊

    Lets see Gigastudio let you do that 😊

  •  Hi ccherret,

    I have read your post with the smile on the lips, because I hope that in a near futur VI and all the collections of VSL will be compatible with Linux. The audio drivers are more and more powerfully (the last FFADO driver is amazing and it's not finished), I have recorded many lives with ardour without any problems and with very ridiculous latency (0.7 ms), I have never see that on Windows! Iown Opus 1 and 2 and also VI and I have two operating systems Linux and WinXP 64 (I have not chosen WinXP but it's indispensable to use VI) . I have all the licenses but my philosophy is the free choice of your system and linux is a very good choice now very popular, we would like to can install VI on an linux system, it's a hope.......

    thanks for your post!

    best regards


    PS sorry for my bad english.

  •  I am sure with enough time I could have got VI's towork under linux, however I had already spent so much time on getting the old VSL samples running that I did not want to risk the money again.

    Would be nice if VSL would see the advantages that linux offers over Windows. Then we might see some native linux work being done.

    Garritan is developing the Steinway Piano under linux:

    I was talking to him and he said that he may extend that to the other instrument libraries as well.

    VSL has stated to me they have no interest in ever developing for Linux. So it makes getting the products running much harder. Unless you change your mind guys then I am here to help :)

    If you need any help trying out your OPUS 1 and 2 let me know and I can arrange to give you a hand.


  • Can someone in the administration move or duplicate this thread in the EXS forum before it disappears down the timeline? I know it is a Linux platform discussion but it involves Pro Edition and Opus libraries, thanks.