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  • RME 9652 audio problems with multiple instances of VE


    If someone could solve my problem I would be happy... Here is my setup:

    My Master PC is:

    Q6600, 4GB RAM, WinXP32 SP2, running SONAR 4

    The soundcard is MOTU 828 Firewire (with latest drivers)

    My Slave PC is:

    E7250, 8GB RAM, WinXP64 SP2, running the latest version of Vienna Ensemble (64-bit), using Special Edition Plus Extended.

    The Soundcard is RME 9652 (with latest firmware).

    I send MIDI from the Master to the Slave via a working LAN using MidiOverLan CP 3.2 (the latest version, supporting 32 and 64-bit).

    The audio is sent back from the RME to my MOTU 828 using ADAT.

    When I open only one instance of VE, everything is fine.

    But when I open more than one instance, the latter cannot output sounds correctly. It only pops and glitches odd noises.

    I memtested memory and it is OK. I was using VE3 before, and worked fine. I tested the ADAT IN from my 01V and the same thing happens.

    I tested virtual keyboard on the VE interface to play notes, and same things happen (not a SONAR problem).

    Anybody has gone through this kind of problem?



  • I have experienced exactly the same problem with the 9652.  I'm fairly certain it's a processor load problem - for some reason, two instances take a LOT more processor than the same number of instruments on one VE instance.

    For example - on a P4 2.8 GHz, I could never run more than four instruments at a time if I ran it across two separate instances.  Any more and the audio would pop/crackle like you describe.  But I could run 10 - 12 instruments from a SINGLE instance of VE2/3.

    So no solution, I'm afraid, but I can confirm the problem...


  •  Hello! I'm glad to find someone with the same problem, but I do not think it is a  overload CPU problem. I have a recent ICH10/P45 Gygabyte board, with fast Kingston Memory. As I said, I was able to use multiple outputs with multiple instances with VE3 over LAN, and the glitches I get now is when I play one note at a time using the different loaded instances.

    However, if it is a CPU overload problem, I can tell you that my 15-year old 8086-XT was able to do more than that ;)   Probably it is a latency/clock/driver problem. Do you still have this bug?


  • Let me ask a few questions:

    1. when you say instances, are you talking about multiple instances of VE standalone?
    2. If so, why are you using multiple instances?
    3. Are you using a different set of outputs on the audio card for each instance?
    4. How is all this clocked to the DAW?
    5. Is your soundcard able to use more than one ASIO client?


  • 1. Yes, multiple of standalones VE

    2. To get more than 16 MIDI Channels/Instruments

    3. I use the same physical output for different instances but different ADAT channel (1/2, 3/4...)

    4. I am not using any clock (that may be the problem), the next sted was the RS-422 sync cable

    5. I don't know, did not find any info about it.



  • Right...............

    1. Each standalone has up to 128 MIDI channels, so you only need one. In fact you can't even fill that with Instruments, due to the limitations in the number of GUI handles that Windows allows. When you open the standalone, you will be given certain Ports for MIDI in. Each of these is a separate port that has 16 MIDI channels.
    2. If you are not using either a Master clock, or clocking from one or other soundcard, you will get pops and or clicks. This is probably not what you're hearing, but when you are only using one standalone, you may hear it then.

    Sort the above out, and then post back if you still have problems.


  •  thanks a lot DG!

    In fact I always thought that one instance could only handle 16 MIDI channels, I didn't try to Add Instrument after 16... Shame on me!

    This could work fine. Thanks!


  • Just adding another Instrument won't help. You need manually to change the MIDI port. You also have to change the MIDI port where it says MIDI in (click on Omni to designate the MIDI port you want).


  • Thanks. I have 64 MIDI ports available (Platinum Edition of MidiOverLan) so I should not run out of ports!!