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  • Ensemble 2 causing DP5.13 to crash

    Hi, this is an old and as yet unresolved problem which only occured sporadically until recently and so I just accepted it while hoping for a fix in a later update. I have a thread here somewhere about it but the search function here does not work properly so I can't find it.

    The problem is VE v2 (3173) crashing DP 5.13 when a DP project opens with VE already saved into it (or when starting up VE inside in DP).

    For example I open a DP project - it all loads up fine, VE scans my key, opens the VE GUI and then at the exact moment VE should start loading in the samples it instead opens to the default project view (themaster and one empty VI track) and DP just crashes with the SBBoD until I 'force quit' it. VE remains 'alive' as if it were a new empty standalone, whereas it should have loaded the samples from the saved DP project.

    Like I said this has been going on for months but it used to only happen about once every week or two ....... then I would have to keep restarting/ repairing permissions/ reinstalling VE/ about 1000 billion times and eventually it would work again - and as soon as I got it to open successfully once it would always then be fine again, certainly until the next reboot and usually for the next few days/ weeks.

    But now it has started happening every day.... for example today I have already spent over 2 hours of continuous restarting/ reinstalling/ repairing permissions  etc etc in the hope it will work - so far it is crashing DP every time... :(

    I cannot afford to waste hours at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (sorry, that was an unecessary amount of !'s)

    I am trying to find some kind of logic behind these crashes or a repeatable method to get it to work again ... so far it seems random.....

    I understand it is likely to be some kind of conflict or some fault with my system as other VE/DP users must be happy but if anyone has any ideas please can you let me know - thanks! :)

    G5 dual d 1.8



    DP 5.13

    VI v2 3173

    VE v2 3173

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