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  • Vienna Ensemble 2 crashing Logic (SOLVED)

    I've just installed the latest non-network version of Ensemble 2, and it keeps crashing Logic every time I try to run the AudioUnit version for the first time. I have no problem booting up the stand-alone version of Ensemble, and the Vienna Instruments I have work fine - it's when Logic's AudioUnit Manager runs its test of Ensemble that it crashes, right after a series of Render Tests. Anyone else experienced this? My setup: Logic 8.0.2 + Leopard 10.5.4 + 8-core Mac Pro + 6 Gb ram

  • I got it to work by using a small testing app called SynthTest. In it, the VSL Ensemble loaded up fine. I quit SynthTest, while leaving Ensemble loaded. I then ran Logic and the AU Manager's test ran smoothly. Happy, happy Ned!

  • I have the same problem on my system with Logic 8 - didn't find "Synth Test" anywhere - could you post a link so I could try it? Thanks SC

  • Hi, just do a web search for synthtest, one word. Here's one link I found: