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  • OT: Mac Mini Farm

    Apologies for the flagrant OT post. But due to the arrival of no.1 daughter I'm having to downsize my studio and am looking to sell my Mac Mini Farm I've been using for VSL.

    So before I put it on eBay I wondered if anyone here would be interested. I have three Mac Mini's up for sale, all Intel Core Duo with 2GB RAM, 100GB 7200 SATA Internal Disk (upgraded from usual 5400RPM), plus each comes with a 200GB Lacie 7200RPM LittleBig (USB/FW400/FW800) and OSX 10.5 installed. - VSL Samples not included!

    If anyone is interested please PM me - they've been great and come boxed in original packaging and are all excellent quality. I'm looking for £350 each or if you buy all three £999 (plus shipping costs)