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  • Installing on a new ComputerURGENT

    Bought a new 8Core Mac Pro and after installed the license key and software on the mac, the license key says, "No Licenses Found". I went to see if the key was registered and tried to re=register, it of course says, "(32) This ViennaKey is already registered for another user" How do I get the files to be seen and get my licenses back. I need them asap! This is what Christian said a month ago, Thu, Jul 24 2008 13:07 In reply to cm Joined on Fri, Dec 20 2002 vienna Posts 7,091 Re: New Computer transfer Reply Favorites Contact you can move all data files and keep th key ... just make sure all software is installed and the locations for the sample data is referred in the directory manager christian and remember: a CRAY is the only computerthat runs an endless loop in just four hours ... Thanks in advance! G

  • I'm afraid I'm not a Mac user, so I suspect this is irrelevant, but the only time this happened to me it was because I'd put the key in a different USB slot from the one I'd installed it on.

  • If no licences are seen it is usually because of one of three things:

    1. You haven't downloaded the licences yet
    2. You didn't install the latest LCC (or any LCC)
    3. You didn't follow instructions to the letter when installing, including re-booting.
    So, I would say that number 2 is most likely. When you run LCC does it "see" the key and the licences?