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  • Genelec 8030 or Adam A7


    I know that you really need to hear and judge for yourself, but there are no shops here that sell these so I just need a bit of advice. I only do orchestral scores and film work.

    If you had to choose either which one would you go for and why?

    I might be able to stretch and get the sub to match.

    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated, as I said there is no where for me to go and listen to these.


  • I did lots of research on this topic last year, and just last Friday I finally made my purchase. I decided on the JBL LSR4306 in a 5.1 setup. This has many advantages for film work, in that it comes with room calibration software that will add room adjustment eq, set levels and adjust the delay to the surrounds. If you have a less than perfect studio, the speakers should be able to compensate. Plus JBL makes a lot of the cinema speakers, and I know lots of sound editors who really like them. They have analogue audio inputs, AES and SPIDF Digital inputs, ethernet and USB connections and come with a mic for calibration and with software to run the advanced features. And the price is reasonable. JD

  • I am a composer and pianist. I have worked with Genelecs for several years (after all, they are made here in Finland, 200 km from where I live), so I've heard and worked in different projects with a lot Genelecs here in different studios, and especially 8030's. My professional friends say that Genelec's upper mids are really bright and Genelecs are really good for clear vocal or instrument editing. I agree with them. But, my friend who has worked as a producer for 25 years, said that after recording and mixing with a pair of ADAM A7's he got the enjoyment back. He saves Genelecs for tight edits but mixing and mastering goes with ADAM. He told me to go with it, absolutely. After listening to them all I can say is yes to ADAM.

    Just my humble opinion,


  • Thanks for the advice so far, to be honest I can't really afford anything more expansive than the 8030's so the JBL are out of my reach. I have narrowed it down to these two and so I am just trying to decide between them.

    Do one of them suit orchestral music more than the other?

  • I don't mean to be preachy, but it is a waste of time asking opinions about monitors like these. The most important thing is your room. If this is not properly treated, the monitors are pretty irrelevant. The second thing is that you should get both sets on sale or return. Then you can try them both in your setup and decide which ones work best for you and return the others.


  • Yeah but still .. ADAM A7's any day .. they look and sound great :D

  •  Hi

    I have decided to splash a bit more cash, so it is now between the Genelec 8040's and the Adam S1A?

  • +1 for Adam's. I have a pair and they really are fantastic - any my studio is tiny! So long as you're not thumping the music out room colouration at low levels is quite limited and the Adam's are fantastic at both low and high volumes. Best Tim

  • [i][I moved this thread to the "Mixing"-subforum, where it fits better.][/i]

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Monitors are as different as microphones, so if you have the opportunity of going to a music store, perhaps even if it takes a little travelling to get there, I would certainly recommend this.

    FWIW, I a-b'ed Adam A7 vs. Genelec 8030 in a store a few months back.

    To me, the Adam's were clearly superior.

    They had a much more clear and detailled sound, and a nice, firm grip on the bass.

    The Genelecs sounded slightly muddy and messy in comparison.

    But please note that's my personal opinion.

    To someone else's ears, the Genelecs might very well have been preferred.

    Anyway, afterwards I a-b'ed Adam A7 vs. Adam P11A.

    Again, there really was no competition.

    The P11A were clearly superior to the A7's in the sense that all the strong points of the A7 were emphasized more in the P11A's.

    So in the end I chose the P11A's, which I have not regrettet, although it means I have had a few months where the budget has been very tight!

    But again: Go to the nearest music store and A-B some monitors.

    It is a lot of money (to me) you are going to spend here, and those monitors you end up buying will hopefully give you enjoyment and pleasure for quite a few years to come. Therefore it makes sense to spend a little time investigating different models, I think. You will be much more happy with your monitor choice in the long run that way.

    Best regards,


  • EDIT: I actually meant I have a pair of Adams P11As not A7s - sorry for any confusion - I haven't heard the A7s. But if you can stretch the purse strings to them you won't be disappointed.