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  • Registration on 2nd Computer?


    I got a question concerning licences and registration. Right now I work on my desktop computer with the VSL Special Edition. Everything works fine. It is registered and my key is plugged in. (otherwise it would not work ;)

    now I have to face the challenge to get mobile with my studio. So am I allowed to install my VSL Special Edition on a Laptop, too? As far as I understand it, it should not be a problem. I just have to plug in the key to the machine I want to run on VSL, right?

    So pls let me know if I am missing something. I won´t try to install it on my Laptop as long I don´t have the okay from VSL. I do not want to mess up my licenses and registration. 

    best regards 


  • Hi Mike,

    you're licenses are on your key, and you can plug your key to any computer you like.

    There is no restriction of multiple installs of the software components and the sample content.



  • Hi Herb!

    Thanks for your quick answer. I thought it would work that way. That's the good thing with dongles. Just two more questions out of interest.

    1. Any issues known when plugging in the Vienna key to an USB hub?

    2. Are there any known issues when installing the sample content on an external firewire harddrive?

    Oh and one more: If I want to use Vienna Ensemble 3 I would have to buy a second license, because I use the sample content on different machine simultaneous, right? 

    Best regards


  • I have my Vienna Key in a USB hub with 6 other keys and a printer, and have never had any problems......

  • Hi Mike,

    to Nr. 3: Yes, if you want to run the Special Edition on 2 different computers simultaniously, you need a second license.

    Best , Rainer

    Additional question concerning Nr. 2: Has anyone also experiences in working with the SE on an external USB-harddrive?

  • running the VSL SE on an external USB-harddrive is no problem at all.

    i did this when travelling, Samsung R70 Despina, 2 GB Ram, the harddisk is probably 4 years old already. -> no problem at all

    but my external hd needs extra power supply. it has 7200rpm i think. as far as i know the ones without extra power supply are only on 5400rpm.

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    @RainerL said:

    working with the SE on an external USB-harddrive

    this works nicely as long as you have USB 2, do not fill up your USB connections with demanding devices or applications (like video cards, webcams, audio interfaces) and and arrangements stay below a certain extent (i.e. amount of data streaming is reasonable)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Wait, could you use multiple hubs to connect the same usb key to multiple computers like as a splitter?

  • no, a certain computer needs exclusive access to USB eLicensers like to USB (memory) sticks

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.