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  • Keyswitch Basics

    I'm a new user of Special Edition, which I'm running inside of Logic 7.2. In setting up my first matrix, I'm able to use with success the Pitch Wheel in the H-Span portion of the Control Edit screen to move between cells horizontally. The mod wheel for V-Span also works fine.

    However, I wish to use keyswitches (as recommended) to move between patches horizontally, and this does not seem to work.

    Is it the case that if you have a 3 x 3 matrix and have C-1, C#1, and D1 showing as keyswitches, that playing these notes should result in different patches being engaged on the horizontal axis?

    At present, playing these notes has no influence on cell/patch selection, either in the VI interface or in Logic playback.

  • VI uses C4 as middle C.

    Maybe you are performing the wrong octave.



  • In Logic, go to Preferences > Display. Is 'Display middle C as...' set to 'C4 (Roland)'? If not you should set it to this.



  • That solves the problem.

    Thanks to you and Martin for your help.