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  • Need help with Vienna Ensemble and Logic 8 -

    I'm trying to use VE and logic. I've set up a multi instrument in logic's environment and cabled it to the software instrument were I've instantiated VE. I can load the sounds in VE. I've hit the + sign in the mixer to have the multi aux channels for the VE Here's where I'm having a problem - I can't select an individual midi track for and individual instrument in the Vienna Ensemble. In logic, I only get sound if I'm on the VE track in the arrange window and then it plays all the instruments loaded on the VE. If I move to the Aux channel created by pressing the + sign, I get no midi signal going to the VE. Can someone give me step by step instructions? I've looked at the documentation and can't get it working. Thanks in advance. MJ

  • So I'm going to answer my own post in case it helps anyone else. As I'm clear where my misunderstanding was, I think I can describe the solution. What needs to be in place are these things - 1. the primary instantiation of the VE plugin in Logic 2. any aux tracks in logic for audio processing of the sound coming out of VE 3. a Midi track to trigger each of the individual tracks in the VE 4. the sound loaded in the the VE and set the the proper midi channel And here's how to do it. 1 - create a software instrument in logic and load the VE plugin as a multi. This will also launch the VE helper apps. 2 - click on the + sign in the mixer window in the track where you've loaded the VE. This will create an audio channel for processing the audio coming out of the VE so you can have separate audio plugs, e.g. reverb, compression, eq, etc. for each audio channel. The audio channels in logic will correspond to the HW OUT channel in the VE. NOTE: Here's where I got it wrong at first - I tried selecting these aux tracks in Logic and input Midi data - what would happen is only the first track would respond to midi and all the VE instruments would play. I tried monkeying with the midi channels, ports, etc and it wouldn't work. What I was missing was 3- you need to create a multi instrument in the environment page, wire it to the software instrument that is the initial substantiation of the VE and then create the midi tracks in the arrange page in Logic. When you're selected on the midi you'll be able to trigger the correct instruments in the VE if you 4 - set the VE Midi In to 1 Plugin Midi in and the Channel to the correct channel. And that's how I did it. If anyone has a better solution or explanation please feel free to add to this post. I hope this will help anyone lost in the VE wilderness as I was. Cheers, MJ