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  • It's VE3 my solution?

     Hi, I have a lot of .gig samples of libraries like bestservice and SAM, I used to load it in to cubase with Kontak 2 but I don't like to convert all the samples each time. I was thinking about purchasing GigaStudio 4 or GVI3 but I also wants to purchase VSL Instruments. For de VSL Instruments I need the Vienna Ensemble but, can I load .gig samples in Vienna Ensemble or I have to purchase Giga Studio to load it?

    Thank you so much

  • Hi - you can't load .gig files into Vienna Ensemble or the Vienna Instrument, they only read Vienna Instruments patches. Be very careful with GigaStudio4, I've heard it has lots of problems (including trashing people's old Giga libraries when it tried to convert them). I use GVI for my old Giga libraries and it works fine. Tascam will not be developing GigaStudio in the future, so right now its future doesn't look too good.

  • Why not spend some time importing your Giga libraries into Kontakt, and resaving them as Kontakt instruments? I had the same problem - I gave up Giga a while ago, but wanted to carry on using some of my old libraries. So I loaded them into Kontakt, resaved them, and now they load just as quickly as any other Kontakt library.