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  • Vienna Ensemble 3 on Slave PC - Random Clicks and Pops - PC working flawless with VStack or Sta...


    I am trying to make Vienna Ensemble work on a slave PC.

    I get randon clicks when playing. Clicks are not load related. They come with one or 16 instruments loaded.

    Master Computer: Mac Pro 4 Core OSX 10.4.11, Logic Pro 8, 12 GB RAM, MOTU PCI 428 System, running flawless since 18 Month with 58 Channels of ADAT Audio.

    Slave Computer:  Intel Quad 2.4 GHZ, 4GB RAM, XP Pro, MLAN, Vienna Ensemble .

    MLan is not used, but installed.  PC ist working with no problem since 8 months as long as audio is routed through RME 9632 ADAT and Midi coming from MLAN.

    Lan Connection is now for testing a direct Cable from Mac to PC.

    What can I do to get rid of the Clicks?

    Any XP Tweaks to clean Network performance?

    Thanks for your help.

  • What kind of cable are you using?


  •  I tried 3 different kind of cables, two with direct connection between mac and pc. The third was my standart network connection where different pcs go through a gigabit switch. The clicks stayed always the same.

    So it´s probably not a cable issue. 

  •  I made some more experiments in Logic: increasing the buffer to 1024 and all other safety buffer settings to maximum reduced the probability of the clicks, but they where still there. As my system works with a 256 buffer without any click in weeks the problem must be elsewhere.

    1. I would always recommend a switch when using more than two computers in a network.
    2. I would always use Cat 5e cable
    3. Make sure that no internet connection is available on any of the machines.