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  • Logic Pro 8 often crashes when I try to edit velocity crossfades

    Any other Logic users having this issue?: I've assigned the Velocity XFade slider to a slider on my keyboard. I play a track using the slider and everything works fine. But when I open the piano roll editor to make changes to the crossfade data I sometimes get a crash (and sometimes it's one where Logic doesn't automatically save a copy of the crashed file which really pisses me off). Sometimes this crash happens when I switch to the proper hyperdraw screen (CC74 in this case), or sometimes it's when I go to edit the curve. Like I said, doesn't happen all the time, but enough that it's really slowing down my workflow (and of course I'm on a deadline....) I'm on a MacBook Pro, 2 gigs of RAM, 2.33 MHz, running Tiger 10.4.11, and running v 8.0.1 of Logic. Thanks.

  • BTW, this only happens with CC routings. I usually use the mod wheel for Cell XFades and that never crashes when I edit it. So apparently there's some glitch between VSL and Logic with CC editing. I haven't had to use custom CCs with other plug-ins, but I suppose this would be something to check out....

  • This is an easy answer, but really, you should first update to Logic Pro 8.0.2, because hundreds of bugs have been corrected in this release.