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  • Problems with installation

    Ok, so i just recieved my special edition (very excited) and i began the installation but hit a brick wall. I click on "Package info" and says im missing a "basic" something or other!!! Is it me or installations becoming more and more stupid? Anywho any help would be fantastic.

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    Hello cmc, and welcome [:)]!

    A little more information (e.g., which OS, or the exact wording of the error message) would make a tremendous difference!

    I take it that you need to download and install the latest Syncrosoft LCC on your computer, in order to see the license (that you have downloaded correctly to your Vienna Key, I have checked that).

    Another idea: Please switch off all anti-virus software (like, e.g., Zone Alarm) and firewall - these programs could well block the communication on your system....



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for the fast reply paul!!!!! My OS is Xp pro.......and the message is " missing license, Special edition basic". LOST!! me too

  • I think that your Syncrosoft LCC is too old or even your library installer. I would download the latest of both, install and then try again.