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  • Unable to Use Vienna Instruments and Ensemble after Epic Horns Authorization

    Hello Everyone, I have been unable to use Vienna Instruments (Standard + Extended), Ensemble 2, and Ensemble 3 after authorizing Epic Horns, a library I purchased using the new purchasing options. I e-mailed this to VSL and have not heard anything from them. I normally host using Ensemble 2 on a G5 (OS 10.4.11) but also have the library installed on my MacPro (OS 10.5.4) should I ever need it there. I am planning to begin using Ensemble 3 in the next month or so. I first installed and authorized Epic Horns my Mac Pro. I then repeated this on my G5. On the MacPro, I had the newest versions of VI, VE, and License Control Center. On my G5, I did not- I was using the previous versions of VI and License Control Center. I did not test the software on the MacPro- I simply moved the USB key to the G5 and performed the Epic Horns library installation. I tried running VE2 first and then VI separately and was presented both times with the Syncrosoft error "wrong entry instruction." Afterwards I tried running this on my MacPro and had the same exact problem. On the G5 I then uninstalled Syncrosoft and installed the newest version- no luck. Since then I have re-done the Syncrosoft install, restarted, deleted VI and Syncrosoft preferences, upgraded to the newest version of VI, re-installed VI, and repaired disk permissions- all to no luck! HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Joe Trapanese

  • Just tried using a friend's Vienna Key and it works fine. So it is my Vienna Key. Anyone???? Joe Trapanese