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  • What's more efficient: VE or multiple VI's?

    Hello, Apologies if this has been asked before - a search didn't find what I was looking for: Is it more CPU/RAM-efficient to use a single Vienna Ensemble or multiple instances of Vienna Instrument players in your sequencer of choice, assuming the same sounds loaded in each? I'm experimenting at the moment with each (using Logic as my host). Any thoughts/comments appreciated!

  • Using the RTAS versions in Pro Tools I've found that I can get slightly more VI instances loaded when running them inside VE than individually. The difference isn't enormous (1-2 instances only). I think it's possible to address more RAM using VE though (on 32-bit systems) as VE is able to access its own RAM rather than just the host's. I'm not particularly technically-minded but I'm sure I remember some discussion about this last year when VE first appeared and that this was the upshot, that VE offered a way of addressing more RAM while we're waiting for fully 64-bit systems.  


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  • Hello
    the more efficient is VE standalone and Logic use IAC to send midi to the VE

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  • Thanks for the replies, guys! Jim