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  • VSL Podcast show 51 (Joel Goldsmith)

    Hi everyone. New show is out .. this time it's an interview with Joel Goldsmith (part I). I'm working on Part II right now and they've said I can play some of his music on the next show which'll be cool, so I'm going to be getting that out hopefully within the next two weeks. So if you head along to the podcast blog you can pick up the episode from there .. or download from iTunes. Hope you enjoy.

  • Great Job Hetoreyn! Thank you, i really enjoy listening to your podcasts, especially the interviews. I'm waiting for part 2 of Joel Goldmisth's intervew. P.S: I noticed we have the same keyboard (Roland RD-150) is there any way of controling the velocity crossfade in VI using this keyboard? i like the action of the Roland keys a lot, and it's good to compose and arrange, but it's so limited as a controller... (i miss the modwheel and pitch wheels)

  • Hey .. Glad you enjoyed the show. Yeah the RD-150 is a lovely keyboard .. but sadly the lack of midi controllers means that you usually have to use another keyboard for that .. I use my XP-30 to control the velocity and all that ... however ... you can actually assign some of the levers on the RD-150 to do the velocity and whatever .. the problem is that they are also assigned to do pre-determined jobs. . So .. if you want to use the "lower keyboard level' then it will work .. but it will also of course change the volume parameters as well. So perhaps if there is a way to disengage the levels built in function it might actually be possible. Although I have to say I end up simply drawing velocity curves more than I use the keyboard controllers .. these days I tend to write more than play. . But yeah .. it's a shame you can't get an additional mod and pitch wheel to somehow plug into the RD-150.

  • Thanks for your kind answer.... I will get a new midi controller as soon as i can, something not expensive, i was thinking of an M-Audio AXIOM 61 in fact... i will only use it as a midi controller (for VSL and other things too, i'm very much into Funk music so i desperately need those wheels!! to get those Stevie Wonder, Parliament-Funkadelic, Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis/The Time sounds..great stuff for Synth Bass Lines..). The RD-150 would remain as my master keyboard.

  • Going OT I know, but I just wished that there were more controllers with 3 wheels.... mod, pitch and a programmable one.  I could never get used to using expression pedals...

  • You might want to look into the Novation Zero SL midi controller units. These units are just programable controllers .. so you can sit this on one side of your RD-150 .. and use it to manipulate everything .. Christian Kardeis has one and showed it to me. I think that's maybe the way to go. Here's a link to it: . . Or there are things like this: . . Which you can also try. I certainly recommend the Novation controller though it seems it's kinda hard to buy these days .. perhaps by looking around you can find a good price for one.

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    @timkiel said:

    Going OT I know, but I just wished that there were more controllers with 3 wheels.... mod, pitch and a programmable one.  I could never get used to using expression pedals...

    I just draw in the data I want these days. I find it much easier than performing expression changes.

  • Sounds like a nice chap and very honest. Good attitude.

  • Joel certainly is a very nice guy. I've heard many such comments and certainly in talking with him he was very kind to me ... stupid little me stumbling over myself all the damned time :P He actually made me feel like I was also a composer .. rather than just an enthusiastic amateur .. or just a podcaster. Going to get Part II done soon.