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  • Some interesting scripts for OSX

    Hi All

    I've been working on some scripts for OSX users, to allow me to automate some of my regular tasks (I'm a lazy creature by nature) when using VE. Anyway I have created two scripts with a little bit of a one time setup process needed. The two scripts enable me to i) Open Screen Sharing to all my slaves (Leopard only here) with just one click and ii) Shutdown every slave, again with just one click on the script icon.

    I've found it very useful and if anyone is interested let me know and I'll write up some instructions on how to do it.



  • Id like to automate the load sequentially a number of individual VE instances and then ask each one to load a project specific to their role. For example start instance 1, load ww/brass project...start instance 2 load percussion etc... I tried using automation and applescript yesterday but it would not consistently work...