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  • Does VE2 or VE3 have audio inputs?

    Noticed running JackOSX that inputs were enabled on instances of VE2, yet the interfaces to the instances in OSX didn't seem to allow access to it?

    Q: Does VE2 or VE3 allow for audio INPUT?

    Why would I want them? So I could use an instance of VE to act as a general mixer to my system audio out. I could route all the outputs of my individual Sample VE instances to one VE mixer instance and mix it to my monitors. This would save loading up a heavy sequencer to accomplish the same task.

  • No it doesn't. However, when MIR is a reality there will probably be a way to run audio, other than that created by VE, thorough it. At the moment I don't see that it is very important for most people to have this feature in VE.