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  • How close is the 64bit MAC OSX version?

    Hi, How close is the 64bit MAC OSX version?....Any ideas?...It's been another 3 months now. Is it being worked on?....thanx, SvK

  • for some reason I have a mental note that it will be about the end of summer. Of course, I know nothing and this might be an entirely fabricated memory like the time Carmen Electra and I, get the idea. It'd be nice to hear from the VSL guys, but I know they don't like to promise things unless they are sure they will deliver (which I appreciate).

  • Team Vienna? SvK

  • Hello everybody,

    it´s very hard to predict the future, that´s why we´re doing our best to stay with the present.

    The 64 bit version of the Vienna Instruments /Vienna Ensemble will be ready and tested as soon as it is possible.

    And we will announce it as soon as we know that it works just fine [:)]   

    Thanks for your patience, 


    PS: And I also admire your stamina. You have asked similar questions so many times and you always get the same answer!

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • A vague statement will do... Weeks? Months? Years?

  •  No business should even make a"vague" statement. It bites them in the ass later.

  • just let us know that it will take 6 months or a year instead of announcing it and then stating that it will follow shortly.......... SvK

  • my feeling is that a year is too long .. a preview of the cocoa port is already available and from what i've heard it works fairly well (still some graphical issues) ... so weeks might be too keen, but months should be realistic ... this is not an announcement though ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.