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  • VE3: Any way to have slave keep project open?

    I'm using VE3 master in DP5.13 connected to one dual G5 slave. My normal workflow for film scoring is one cue per-DP project, which means I'm constantly opening and closing DP projects. Usually they're MIDI only and so that's very fast--faster even than switching chunks in DP. However, with VE3, closing the project on the master closes the project on the slave, too, and the re-open is now very slow. This has killed my workflow. Is there any way to tell the slave to keep the project open and have the master just re-connect? If not, I'm back to MIDI cables and audio interfaces.... Thanks, Jason Staczek

    client: Mac Mini M1 8G OS 14.1.1 VE Pro 7.2.3388 server: MacBook Pro 2019 2.4Ghz 8-core i9 64G OS 14.0 VE Pro 7.3.3502 client <-> server dual NICs, dedicated 1000baseT connection, no switch, manual IP client + server on LAN via primary NIC using DHCP
  • There is a workaround (that I invented [8-|] ) that works on PC, so for me changing a project (with around 7.5GB samples) takes 30-40 seconds. However, as none of the Mac users on this forum will try it out, I can't tell you whether or not it works on Mac. Do a search if you want to know more.


  • jstackzek,

    If I understand you correctly, I'm having the same wish. I use Sonar and have several different (but similar) Sonar files which use the same VSL VE presets running on slave computers. Everytime I close a Sonar file, all the VE slaves close as well, and then I must wait for the VE to reload when I open the new Sonar file. It's not a long wait for me, mind you, because they've already been loaded once.

     As I see it, this is a Sonar problem, though, and the way it deals with loading VST instruments. It automatically loads all VST instrument presets that you have saved with a project, i.e. whatever I have loaded into the VE on the slave at time of saving in Sonar. That's a real pain. I would much rather have Sonar just open the file and let me manually load the VE presets on my slave machines one by one. (It reminds me of the automatic seatbelts in cars in the early 90's that slid over your body for you.... infuriating!!) But as I say, this seems like a sequencer thing (in my case Sonar).