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  • Good off the shelf PCs for VE server use?

    I want to buy a PC or Mac for VE3 slave use, looking for a headless workhorse with the following specs... - dual core 64 bit processor - expandable to at least 8GB of RAM - gigabit ethernet - low power consumption As I'll be running it headless, all other factors (graphics chipset etc) are irrelevant. I'd buy a mac mini if it wasn't for the fact they max out at 2GB RAM; something that low on power would be ideal, so I'm tempted to wait and see if Apple upgrade the mini in June. But any of you VSL-ers out there come across any good low-energy bargains which fit the bill? Thanks - Jon

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    welcome jcotton,

    if you'd ask me' the mini will never get updated to hold 8 GB RAM (heat issue) as i've not been able to find some mini-ITX board at all for 8 GB RAM. a macPro with 8GB RAM might give you some upgrade options later ...

    or have a look on the DELL website or any other supplier of intel 3400 family boards for 8GB machines or the intel 5400 family bords if you like more upgrade options


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.