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  • Sibelius - Sib Sound Editor & VSL

    I need help with the Sound-set Editor and Vienna Instruments. I have no problem with sorting out one Matrix using over 12 different articulations within Vienna Instruments (although 5.2 does not work properly). However, I do not know the best way to switch to another matrix (controller or program change) such as mute articulations or sul ponticello articulations etc where the reset will be both a controller (or program change) AND a keyswitch for articulation.

    I want to be able to set up nearly 100 articulations etc within one instrument and can use program changes 101 - 112 for changing to th 12 different matrices. However, when an articukation is finished, HOW does one go back to the correct program change AND the correct articulation keyswitch?

    I am using the Vienna Instruments full libraries. My Sibelius computer is Windows XP (32) and my Vienna Instruments computer is Windows XP (64).