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  • Vienna Key Licenses all disappeared

    I just finished registering and installing the Cube and all was fine. Until today, when when I opened up License Control and all of my licenses were suddenly missing! I rebooted the machine and the same thing happened - the License Control said the Vienna Syncrosoft key was empty. Next, I went to Support> License database update and they were restored. So all is "seemingly" OK, now. Or is it?

    Why did this occur? Should I be concerned?

    Any precautions I should take that I might have overlooked?

    Is there a way to "lock" the Vienna Key after I'm done installing so that nothing can happen after that point?

    Slightly scared about what happened,

    Gregory D. Moore
    Mac OSX 104.11, G5 Dual 2.5
    License Control

  • this usually happens if an (much) older LCC is installed during the process ... the older the LCC the less licenses are *known*, all others are then listed as *unknown application* - updating the license database from within the LCC or installing the latest from the syncrosoft download page brings everything back (to a viewable state)

    i've been under the impression on OS X the LCC refuses to *downgrade* wheras on windows it often happens that during installing e.g. cubase3 all newer licenses _seem_ to disappear.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • As far as I can tell, LCC 5.4.00 is the latest version so I don't know why this would happen. There must be another explanation (and it worries me a bit as I don't know what it is, or what it could be). The Vienna Key is not hooked directly to my computer as there are no extra USB slots so its two powered hubs away - but this doesn't seem to have been a problem during installation so far.

    Well, it sounds as if I accidentally stumbled upon the right solution by updating the database.

    Are copies of my license stored on the Syncrosoft site as they are with my iLok keys?

    Also, I assume there is no incompatibility between Syncrosoft Vienna Key and other dongles as I have quite a few: -

    iLok - PSP, Altiverb, East West, etc,

    Rainbow - Lightwave Apple - Final Cut IK - Miroslav (not installed)