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  • Install failure - I'm in shock

    I have been using the VSL for years but just got the Special Edition. I went through the install step by step and was literally 5 minutes away when a message stating that installer could not write the directory, indicating that... perhaps there wasn't enough disk space, or there was a read/write, issue, neither should have been a factor (the drive is open and had lots of space.) In any case, I had no option but to abort the install at which point it erased everything. This is crazy! Has any one experienced this? Trying again means waiting an hour and a half to see if I get the same message... that's absurd. Part II. Upon my attempt to reinstall it now says that the second DVD is corrupt and it aborted the install. This is crazy, I am just installing a sample library why is this so fickle? Any thoughts on the instal process? Thanks Jordan

  • I would contact tech support and see if you can swap for a new disc. I installed SE and SE Plus with no problems. It sounds like it could just be a bad disc.

  • You don't mention what OS you are using, which is always a good idea when asking for tech help.

    However, my advice would be to copy the contents to the hard drive and install from there. This has solved installation issues with other software.

    Sometimes these problems can be caused with overheating by a faulty DVD drive, so it's worth checking that as well.


  • I also had an install failure on disc 2 of the special edition. Pretty frustrating, but I gave the disc a wipe, started again (another cup of tea) and it worked. Haven't had it with a Vienna disc before.

  • I had same thing when I tried installing on my old G4, and eventually found out it was down to the DVD drive. Also, overheating problems with DVD drives during a long install has shown same type of errors.

  • Thanks for all of the tips. After 4 tries I got the DVDs loaded. I was just surprised that an error lead to everything being erased. The fact is, all of the issues pointed out, drive heat, something on the DVD, etc, are factors that can disrupt an install, but ones you can usually work around, even if it involves a little bit of rebuilding. That said, you must agree that it's a quite dramatic, that is, waiting for each disc to instal, watching the bar and clock tick down, it's getting closer and closer to completion, and you fear and than see! The infamous halt window, you you cannot get around it, you click and tick and tick and click, but you must abort. Then you sit and watch everything disappear. And you think what the F&*K. It's very Zen I suppose, maybe not the last part. In any case, thanks for the tips, much appreciated. Yours Jordan

  • I will just point out that it's very rare for an installer not to erase everything after an install error has been encountered, so no need to be shocked. ;-)

  •  I did my first install of SE last night...  my "corruption" occurred at the tail end of Disc 4.  I restarted the entire installation process again and it worked.   I believed it to be due to overheating of the machine, as well, since the DVD was moving so fast.   

    The other thing, is while sitting in the box, and vinyl cases, the creme-colored ink on the faces of the DVDs, began to stick to the vinyl.  I had to peel the discs out of the cases, and some of the paint/ink came off of the the disc faces, exposing the silver below.  That wouldn't necessarily affect data on the disc, but even though I wiped the face of the discs before inserting to the machine... the discs now have some bubbling in the remaining ink... some may have come off inside the drive, while spinning, and interrupted the process.   All's well now, though.

    I would advise anyone who is having trouble to try to re-install first.  It's not fun to wait for another two and a half hours, but otherwise, you'd have to wait days or weeks for a replacement.   The second installation actually seemed to go faster than the first time around, anyway, even though it was re-writing over everything.   Again, I think it's mainly an overheating issue... perhaps users are better off waiting a small period of time between disc insertions to allow their machines to cool off.   

  •  After reading about installation probelms a while ago - - with some components of the Symphonic Cube - - I made disk images of all the DVD's on a hard drive and installed the libraries from there without a glitch. It was along, tedious process, but now I have a complete backup of the DVDs on a drive I keep in a safe deposit box. This eliminates problems with labels, ink. warping, overheating etc.