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  • Update VE - presets disappeared

    Dear VSL users,

    I updated VE to build 3170 - and my presets have disappeared. I think there was a way to set path to the the custom preset directory in the directory manager, but I can not find it anymore.

    How do I tell VE where to look for my custom presets?



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    Hello Peter,

    please find the location of the Custom Data Folder in your "shared" (OS X) and "shared documents" folders (WIN).

    We have removed the option of creating a personal Custom Data Folder to make things simple (no access restriction or permission troubles), but it has caused more confusion instead, so we will go back to the "old" system with the next build.

    For now, please copy your custom presets to the default location and everything will be fine.

    Of course you find more information in the VE manuals, including Screenshots of the location.

    Sorry for the confusion!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul,

    thanks for the info.