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  • Long time member, newbie question :P

    Hello friends,

    Although I am a long time member of this forum, I haven't followed the threads about the Vienna Instruments (have mainly followed the mixing/mastering topics).

    I am a typical "sample farm" / "divide-and-conquer" (wannabee) composer, with 4 GigaStudio machines (via Madi) and a quadcore DAW. I really don't want to have instruments within my sequencer.

    So, when I think about buying a new VSL library (Appassionata in this case), I want to install it on a dedicated PC.

    My question is quite simple: if I want to use the Ap. strings, can I use them with really low latency (say 3 msec) on a dedicated PC? Can I use the library/player like I am used to with GigaStudio (= multiple Midi ports and channels in and 4 or 8 stereo outs via Adat)?

    Sorry for the clumsy inexperienced question, but I just don't want to go through all the archived threads... [:P]



  • Hi Peter

    In short the answer is YES.

    Latency of course depends on lots of factors but you can get pretty low depending on how you're setup - I get 256 samples which is about 6ms - quite happily running across four machines using VE3's audio over LAN, using ADAT you can probably go lower.

    You'll need something such as MidiOverLAN or plain old MIDI depending how your slaves are setup and you can route the audio as you do with Gigastudio - although I'd need more details on your setup to provide better advice. If you purchase AppStrings you should also check out VE3 which you can in demo form once you have a ViennaKey and one library. This lets you use your slaves for both audio and midi over LAN rather than having to route via MADI.


  • Hi Peter. One important difference between GigaStudio and the Vienna Instrument system is that the VI doesn't let you select a MIDI channel - it's set to 'omni' mode and plays all channels. A good way round this is to use the free Vienna Ensemble host which can contain multiple VI's set to different MIDI channels. I do this on a PC (sequenced from a Mac) and it works fine, though I can't get down as low as 3ms latency - the VI patches use too many samples for that!

    The Vienna Instrument is very good by the way - a lot more flexible and intelligent when it comes to switching between articulations.

  • Drop me an email Peter and we'll chat it through. Long time no hear, hope you're well. As you know, what you're trying to do is precisely what my rig is set up to do!