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  • Vienna Ensemble 3

    This programm is a big step forward, congratulations to the Team in Vienna, cannot appreciate it enough! But: why it is not possible that the Vienna Key of the master Computer is scanned by the slaves? I would like to use different instruments of the same collection on different slaves or the master, so I should by a lot of licences to do so ;-) or did I understand something wrong?

  • the syncrosoft licensing system relies on eLicensers physically attached to a USB-port opposed to e.g. WIBU-keys for which licenses can be published (and checked-out) via network.

    i personally find this a good idea, because on one hand it is easy to listen to anything going across networks and on the other hand it adds an additional source for errors.


    i'd say if you have a more little setup everything fits on a single computer and if you have a large setup you probably distribute your collections in a certain way according to your convenience. also the allocatable memory on a single machine currently goes up to 60 GB, which should be far enough for actually the super package ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.