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  • MIDI Ports in VE3

    Just installed old set-up with 'midisports' enabled me to use 'MIDI A in' (1-16) and MIDI B in' (1-16). Now that I have everything installed, how do I assign the former 'B' inputs? Right now, the VE interface drop-down menu says, '1 Plug-in' and after that it states '2 (no device)'... What am I missing? Thanks,

  • Hi Rob

    Unless I've missed something each instance of VE can only access 16 Midi Channels if you are using it through the Plug-in method (i.e. not like VE2). If you want to use MIDI A and MIDI B then you would need to setup two instances of VE and do the appropriate routing in your DAW - not sure which one you have so can't comment further.

    Hope that helps


  • Hey Tim, Thanks for the reply. I'm using Digital Performer on a Dual 2 Gig G5 and 6 stand alone Mac, then comes the question: how do I initiate a 2nd instance on one Mini and how does the G5 identify it as such? Right now it just identifies the ip address of the particualr computer (in this case a Mac mini) I'm sure this is simple but I just can't seem to get my head around it! Thanks again!

  • Rob

    Never used DP but in Logic it's quite simple. All you need to do is add another Multi-Timbral instrument with 16 Stereo Outs (if you really want to of course). Then in the Reconnect box of this new VE simply point it at the same Mac Mini, lo and behold a second instance should open up on that machine and you have another 16 ports to play with...

    Interestingly I use Mac Minis for slaves too, but I usually run out of Memory before I run out of ports - except for percussion where I do open two VEs on the slave.


  • I'll give that a shot...and yes, percussion is exactly where I'm running into a problem. Keep you posted...

  • VOILA'!!! Thanks Man!!!! Works like a charm!

  • No problem - enjoy.