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  • Does Download Version SE Come With Any Standard Presets?

    Do the download versions of SE come with presets?  I've just installed several modules; e.g. SE Strings, SE Strings Extended, SE Brass....  Everything seems to have gone smoothly.  When I open the stand alone Vienna Instrument Player, there are no presets in the right panel.  I do have items in the matrix assign and the patch assign.  Am I just mistaken that there should be some standard presets?




    XP Pro SP2

    Controller: Yamaha XS8

    3.25 G RAM

    250 G HD

    Cubase 4 

  • Hi Meyo,  

    no, there are no presets included, because all patches of any instrument are organized in one Matrix file.

    Just load this Matrix file, add your controller configurations and save your custom Preset file.



  • Thanks Herb,

    This is my first foray into VSL; moving from GPO.