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  • YYYEAAAHHHHHH!!!! pfp!! woooohooooo Now Herb, any chance of making some PFS's for the Apassionatta II library?? Like the ones in Apass 1 only sordino?? SvK

  • HERB, Thanx for feedback....SvK

  • I'm another big fan of PFP's.

    Whenever auditioning a string, woodwind or brass sintrument .... PFP are my goto patch ... because they you get to hear a good dynamic range .... and they are infact very, very playable. 

    I was always puzzled as to why they were not included in the original Chamber Strings I.  Is this just not a typical articulation in Chamber music? 

    Very much looking forward to Chamber II .. pricing looks affordable.


  • Better still..........The PFP's on the Orchestral Strings 1/2 libraries have 2 velocity layers!!! So one is a p to mf the other is a m to f..........NOW enabling Velocity cross fade on those is awesome and you can really achieve some superb "blooming"....just not doable with the regular sustains and vel-crossfading...........SvK............It is a real shame that the comprehensive PFS's afforded to the original libraries was not included in the APass2 and Chamber1 libraries.........Also the Apass1 library PFS's only have 1 velocity layer, I wish they had 2 like the original libraries........The "Passionate" libraries are the ones where PFS are most required...since they sound soooooo "Passionate" 2 cents...SvK

  • Hi! Rather new to vsl... What is PFP?? Is it the progressive vibrato performances you're talking about?? Best, //Jamzone

  • Piano>Forte>Piano

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    Hi dsstudio,

    you can pre-order right at the product page.

    And yes, if you get 4 more VI Standard Libraries, you get a free Extended Library [:)]

    Let know which Extended Library you choose!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I mean,

    The promotion is to buy 5 VI will et 1 free extended,

    But also, Buy Chamber II will get Free Chamber II extended if I already have FULL chamber I.

    So, if I buy 4 VI standard more, I'll still get 1 FREE extended [other than Chamber II extended]?

    Or If somebody does not have Chamber I yet, Will they get all 2 extended [1 of them is of course Chambwer II] if they buy 5 VI with both Chamber I and II?

    Hope you will understand the question...



  • You will get Chamber II extended and any other extended collection of your choice for free.

    You just have to register Chamber I full collection before you register Chamber II standard collection,

    than you will recieve automatically a Chamber II full code.

    (Your question was quite understandable, but I'm not so sure about my reply...)



  • I am glad the hear that but the bigger question is D-E-M-O

    Can I hear some sample before I place an order? Price increase date is getting close so I need to hear the sample ASAP

    Just a few legato lines or jamming with misc articulations is fine [no complete song needed]

    Just want to know the charactor of the sound


  • I want to buy this but buying without hearing the sound first would be a risk to me... plus, US price increase time is ticking! Please post a demo or some example sound NOW, Please! Sonny

  • Hi.

        Ok..If I buy next week 5 VI DVDs products chamber string II included which is not yet release can I order my extended library code when I register the 4 VI products or I have to wait until I receive chamber string II ?


  • Might I suggest that since there are no demos for CHbr II that the currency price increase be delayed a month or two.   Currency has come back in favor of the USD in the last week anyways[<:o)]


  • BBUMP ----- DEMO DEMO Please! 7 More days - US dollards increase [:^)]

  • the release candidate for the product has been finished yesterday - give us a few hours to install it and hit some keys ;-)


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • CM.... could we get an articulations list for the chamber / sordinos? SvK

  • release candidates are a nice thing ... a few errors had to be fixed, so i don't think a demo will make it before the holidays ... the articulations should be available by tuesday


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
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    @cm said:

    release candidates are a nice thing ... a few errors had to be fixed


    yeh those players should really have brought their mutes!

  • So, there is NO WAY that US customer can buy this before the price increase? [No, buying a product without knowing what's inside and how it sound is a fool to me] Like the App Strings II, I bought it without hearing it [actually, only 1 demo at that time] it end up to be the less use because not that App Strings II isn't good, it's just not for me as I only do Pop work.

    I have a question, If I buy 4 Libraries and pre order this one [chamber 2] to have 5 to qualify for a free extended library... if I register all 4 first and prove that I have pre order and paid for Chamber II, can I get free extended first? since the Chamber will release sometime in June, a month from now.


  • In fact you can not get the free extended library until you register the VI chamber strings II which is your 5th library..On the other hand I am 100% sure the vsl do the best work and for me no need for demo..Thanx to all Vsl stuff you are always the best[Y]