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  • Filmscore: Are notes without description played vibrato or no vib?

    I just bought the starwars score for "Princess Leia´s Theme" and I´m wondering if the "regular" way to play for the strings is with vibrato or without. How would be the sign in a score for vibrato/non vibrato?

  • N.V.

    The natural tendency of the string sections is to play vibrato. Non vibrato generally goes hand in hand with a cold sound and also con sordino.

  • Thank you!

  • Vibrato is a very natural way for string players to play expressive, if written or not. In case you really want it to sound cold you have to initialize something like "non vibrato" (although they will never really play without any vibrato) [:D] even Morton Feldman (who's music should not represent any kind of emotions or expressions ) had problems with string players to play a completely emotionless single note (probarbly because it's against their aesthetics or technical skills).

    In case you desire a lot of vibrato you can write in the score "molto espressivo" or "molto vibrato", or in modern 20th century scores (Penderecki, etc. made a lot of use of it) you can find special signs for it, like kind of "waves" ~ that visually explaine how a vibrato should develop (from "non vibr." to "molto vibr." and back to "non vibr."), similar to cresendo and decrescendo.

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