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  • VSL Podcast Interviews - Coming soon!

    Hi guys, I'd hope to get a new show out today but there just hasn't been the time, whilst preparing for the Elf Fantasy Fair, to sell my CD's, and everything else it's just been a nightmare for spare time. However I thought i'd wet your appetites by letting you know about the upcoming interviews. . Jay Chattaway Part 2 will be on the next show. And then I have Brian Tyler (Aliens vs. Predator Requiem, Rambo 4, Constantine), the interivew is already done and I'm just awaiting final approval before publishing it. Brian was awesome to talk to and we geeked out about comic books like the AvP series and about his music for the 2 episodes of Enteprise that he scored .. also Dune and Children of Dune. He's also a user of the VSL and is certainly a very busy guy for writing music. . And then just yesterday I interviewed Joel Goldsmith (Star Gate: Atlantis, Star Trek: First Contact, Whichblade), who is .. yes the son of Jerry Goldsmith .. and he was kind enough to talk to me yesterday about his music setup. He uses the VSL First Edition and so I was able to chat with him at length about his music and how he writes. As you can imagine it was great to talk with him and he talks to me about many fascinating things .. but you'll have to wait for the interview to hear it :P . So that's my manifest for the next few shows and I feel pretty sure you'll enjoy listening to these guys as they do say some very interesting things about music writing, working for film and about themselves as composers and people. I hope to get the Jay Chattaway Part 2 interview out by no later than next week. I'll certainly have more time from the end of this week so I can get to work on the shows.

  • Well done on getting these interviews - I look forward to hearing them! I'm a long term listener to the podcast, but for one reason or another I've not found a reason to post any feedback so let me just say that I always enjoy listening to the podcast, and keep up the good work!


  • Well you have my eternal thanks for listening to the show and enjoying it .. as do all who still listen. It's been really hard lately to get the show out as I would like to .. ever since moving to the Netherlands times been in short supply. But I feel these interviews are kinda making up for it :D