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  • some tech questions before purchase

     Greetings everyone-

    Allow me to tell you what gear I currently have.  I'm thinking of buy the VSL Special Edition.  I have a PC with a 2.8ghz dual core cpu, 3gb of ram, 800mhz FSB, my OS is XP with all service packs.  I've just purchased the MBox-2 with the Pro Tools LE .

    To state the question specifically:  Is the Vienna Instruments SE compatible with RTAS (ProTools LE plugin format)?


    I have a 250GB hard drive with most of the space free.  First question: Will the VSL work with Pro Tools LE and the MBox-2?  That's the main question.

    I realize my system could be better and in time it will be.  But for now am I good to go?

    Thank you and i look forward to being part of this special community of fine musicians and techies.

    best, Robert 

  • There is no RTAS version for WindowsXP.


  • Thank you for your input.  There is still some question regarding this so here we go.

    Will the VSL Special Edition work with Pro Tools LE on a PC running XP? I'm sorry my question wasn't more clear earlier.

    thank you for your continued clarification.  This is so important because i so badly want to buy this product (VSL Special Edition) 

  • You question was just answered above: there is no RTAS plugin available for PC. which means no VI in PT on a PC.