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  • Are the sliders in the cell edit window of VI responsive to MIDI Learn?

    Dear All,

    I’m interested in using the delay slider in the cell edit window of VI to create double stroke string passages that would be difficult to play, just like the video.  My problem is that the sliders in the cell edit windows don’t appear to be responsive to MIDI learn.  Also, assuming that these sliders are in fact assignable to external controllers, I wonder if there’s a mathematical formula that one could apply to get certain tempo related relationships between repeated notes.



  • Hi Kevin,

    The Delay slider controls how long it takes for the sample to start.

    Its not the delay effect.


  • I realize it controls the start time of the sample.  I only asked for a mathematical relationship and MIDI learn capability because I’m blind and it would be easier to control the relationship between the start of a sample in an upper cell slot and that of a lower cell slot if you could at least move a slider instead of a mouse. 


                I also still want to know if it’s possible to turn Cell Crossfade on and off with an external controller instead of a mouse?  Any takers?