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  • Re: Compression and Reverb

    Wow, Thanks very much for your quick reply. It seems there is some consensus that convoluted reverb is the best. The tips on getting certain instruments to stand out through compression are just what i need. I will be definately checking out some of the higher quality convoluted reverbs, and their websites

     I am a bit concerned though that my cpu may not be able to handle the convoluted reverb effect. I currently have a lap top with 80 gig hard drive with 2 gigs of Ram on the Windows XP Media Centre operating system, with an M audio fast track pro interface and a Yamaha DGX 620 Midi equipped keyboard. I noticed my system crashes from time to time when i start loading on the effects, especially for larger orchesral ensembles. Sometimes when i try to play more than one note in some of the patches, I end only getting one note sounding. Does anyone have any advice for what I should need for my setup to run more efficiently, especially if i decide to go with the convoluted reverb? Just so you know I am still in school working on my composition protfolio, so economical solutions are best for me.


    Kevin, Canadian VSL User

  • Hi Kevin,

    From Canadian to Canadian (Im from BC), I think I have a few solutions for you with ram management problems. Firstly, You could buy a better computer with alot of ram in it... Sorry had to throw that in!

    Secondly, you can use a feature in cubase to freeze your viennatracks, I know they have freeze in logic and not sure what the similar command is in cubase but you could google cubase LE freeze tracks and come up with something.

    Third, you can download and watch the Ram Management video available to you in your user area of the vienna site. There is alot of helpful videos in there that I highly recommend you watch to get a more polished sound and save you ram......

    I really think you need to start saving for a better computer though as how creative can you get if you are constantly worrying about ram management problems! Just get a part time job and save up, its worth it to have good gear. Also save up and buy altiverb.

    Virtual orchestras I hate to say are easiest to use if you have good gear. Im not saying but a 3000$ computer but even a 1000$. It would only take you maybe a month or two at work and summer is coming up.

    In the mean time try out what I said. You may also be able to bus your virtual instrument track (set output to bus 1) then create an audio track (set input on it to bus 1 and output to your speakers or audio interface out). Then you can record and it will record the midi and virtual instrument track as audio and save you tons of space. You can then leave the midi track up without the vienna and that will save you space. That will take you about 5 minutes and you will forget what you were writing so therefore a new computer is the real solution if you want the honest truth.