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  • Solo viola Sustain in SE

    I am using Solo Viola from SE (standard edition), in sustain mode = 13S VA sustain.

    C3 is its lower note for the Solo Viola.

    At D4, D#4 (4th finger), E4, F4 its body and "bite" is gone.

    And at G4, the sound is again very good.

    I would say that these notes are somehow sintetic as the viola would have no body.

    Is it supposed to be like that?

    I experience that clealry at higher velocities (from 70 up) 

    I understand that the D string (3rd string) is darker compared to the C string (1st string), but the differnece in this sustain patch is HUGE. 

    Could you please comment on this observation? 


  • Hi Stefan,

    You're right. I checked and noticed the same difference. Above 70 the sound seems to be the muted (!) version for me. Let's ask someone of the VSL team!


  • Hi Erik,

    Have you sorted out the "problem"?


  • I'm also curious about this. I noticed in the legato that I have what almost sounds like two different solo viola articulations playing. I know there's a bit of overlap when velocity crossfading, but at extreme ends where no overlap should occur, it sounds like two completely different articulations layered together.

  • Hi Stefan,

    No, not yet. To whom of the VSL team should this item be addressed anyway?


  • Dear Erik,

    I have discussed similar ~ SOLO VIOLIN issue a bit with Paul from VSL.

    He wrote to me:

    ...but I believe that it´s important to understand that you get the basic sound we recorded. You can tweak it and you have many many articulations, but the basic material stays with this one specific instrument the way our soloist played it. 

    And I think his answer is very honest and fair.


  • Hi Trif,

    That sounds OK with me


  • Erik,

    If the recording mic was placed very close to the instrument, the sound what I hear IS the recorded sound - and to my ears certain notes are very "unpleasant".

    In any case I start to see that lots of techniques NEEDS to be implemented to get a GOOD SOLO line.

    I also start to understand that I will have to TWEAK the "patches", attacks, releases....

    Probably EQ needs to be applied to to adjust/tame the harsh sound,

    And finally a correct reverb needs to be added...

    BTW: I am using SIR2 (excellent reverb - I love it), what for the moment for me just "amplifies" my mistakes... 


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