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  • Vienna Special Edition Bundle VS. Orchestral Strings

    Hi, I'm new to the world of VSL, but work professionally as a composer and producer (music library, television, and indy film mostly). I'm looking for some insight from the people here who are intimately acquainted with the Vienna library and can help me make a decision.

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    Post some of your compositions please.

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    Hi Sebastian.

    @thamesonfire said:

    The projects I work on are very eclectic and require me to write music in many different styles, so the flexibility of the Special Edition seems appealing.
     As you need flexibility I suggest you go for the SE, which covers ALL the instruments of the orchestra and a few more besides. It's a very useful resource. Perhaps the time to buy Orch Strings I & II is when you get a reasonably well-paid gig which requires a realistic and detailed orchestral string sound!

    In the past VSL have offered discounts on product upgrades, but I don't know what the deal is for SE as it's a bit of a special case.

  • Hi Thamesonfire,

    The recent topic in this thread "comments please" might be interesting for you in a way. I own the SE plus now, but I am still "ogling" (is this the right word anyway in English?) to the Appassionata library.

    Personally I think, that the SE plus offers me what I need for a more than decent result. The diversity of articulations for the strings for example is actually just in order. With the Over the rainbow arrangement I am getting very interesting advices on midi programming, which is maybe more important than the library itself (of course the basic sounds should be of high quality): even with the full String library  version there is a lot to do before the final result will be satisfying for all ears.

    So, if you are interested in a smooth string piece, follow the link to the "comments please". And if you have a comment yourself, please feel free to join the club...........



  • Hi Sebastian,

    It's a tough question - really only you can decide what you need. It's actually more of a creative decision based on you and the pallette you need to work with, not a decision that can be made impartially by anyone else. 

    I for one started with Special Edition Extended but soon found myself buying the full Appassionata Strings set. But now with SE Plus offering many more string articulations, you might be happy with the bundle. You've just got to study the lists of articulations in each product, look at some of your past and upcoming projects, and weigh what you need.

    We're all keen to hear an announcement on upgrade issues from the various versions of SE!

  • Thanks to everyone for their input.

    To PaulR:  you can hear some of my work (albeit not totally current) on my website at:

    Erik, I appreciate the link to the other thread... it's very helpful to hear demos done exclusively with the Special Edition. I find myself enjoying the Vienna string sound more and more.

    I've compared the list of articulations in some detail, and I think that perhaps my confusion lies at lease in part with the fact that I haven't sat and played with these samples myself yet. I think I'll have to make some calls and see if any of the local shops have a demo system running. VSL also seems to be positioned and marketed in a very different way than their competitors. I'm tempted to say that the options are a bit confusing when one is trying to figure out what to buy, but then again, if it was more cut and dry I'd probably be wishing there were more options.

    I'd also venture to say to anyone from VSL that my decision (and possibly many other people's decisions) about what to buy would be a lot easier with a commitment to an upgrade path from the Special Edition. 

    Thanks again, everyone. And if anyone else has SE and/or SE Plus demos that aren't on this site, I would love to hear them.



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    @thamesonfire said:

    I'd also venture to say to anyone from VSL that my decision (and possibly many other people's decisions) about what to buy would be a lot easier with a commitment to an upgrade path from the Special Edition. 

    you have been heard before you mentioned it 😉


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.