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  • VSL ORGAN compatibility

    Hi everybody,from France… excuse me for my bad english. I wish to buy VSL Organ. But I don't want to change all my system only for this instrument. My config: G5 PowerPC 2x2,5 Ghz. 5Go RAM. Mac OS 10.3.9. Xskey (but not Vienna key). LOGIC 6.4.3. VSL 2004, 2005: Pro Edition. Is it possible to use VSL ORGAN with this config. Thank you. Aristote

  • Hi Aristote,

    You would need OSX 10.4, our Vienna Instruments are not compatible with 10.3.9



  • Thank you Herb. so I'm going to try this manipulation: working only for this instrument on another HD I Have in 10.4. I'll be not very easy, but I'll see. I'm working today with a XSKey (the same as Logic). Is it also necessary to change for the new key. And is the new interface included in the instrument, or can I use VSL ORGAN only with EXS24. Thnk you again.

  • Hi,

    you will need a Vienna Key or any other Syncrosoft Key (from Steinberg, Arturia, Korg etc.) to hold your license, an XS key will not work.

    And yes, the Vienna Instruments Sample Player is included for free - and the the VI collections work exclusively with the Vienna Instruments, you cannot import the files into any other sampler (you will LOVE the new VI interface!). 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you Paul, everything is clear. Have a nice week-end aristote