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  • Vienna Ensemble, Reverb, Power Panning - Sibelius & Logic

    As suggested by Andi in a recent thread, I have been experimenting with using VE in Sibelius and performing all mixing through VE without transfering the project to Logic.  However, I have run into a major problem.  (I am using an 8-core Mac, Leopard, 8 GB RAM, Sibelius 5.1, Logic 8, VSL SE, etc.)

    Using auMatrixReverb in the VE master completely disables power panning.  Equally true is that using auMatrixReverb in the effects for individual instruments in VE allows the use of power panning, but multiple instances of the auMatrixReverb plugin cause scratchy noise artifacts.  Further, using auMatrixReverb in the effects section of Sibelius also disables VE power panning.  I know aspects of these issues have been discussed in the community, but I am not aware of a definitive answer to the problem.

    So, first, is this a problem with VE, the auMatrixReverb plugin, or both? 

    Second, does anyone know of a reverb (Altiverb, perhaps?) that will work in the VE master and will also not disable VE power panning in the setup I have described?

    Third, if one cannot use Sibelius with VE alone, then what methods exist for Sibelius to work seamlessly with Logic (thereby allowing Sibelius to work with VE)? 

    I would greatly appreciate any input.



  • Mark, When I developed VE AU hosting engine I have experienced the same crackling with auMatrixReverb, also when using it inside Logic 8. I can only conclude that there is a problem with this plugin. Regarding disabling of power panning, this could be because auMatrixReverb just sums the two input channels to mono. Put the reverb on a bus in VE instead, and send to the bus from your instrument channels. Any other reverb plugin should work fine I guess... Martin

  • What does "power panning" mean?

  • In normal panning, the volume of the weaker channel is lowered, so a pan to the left lowers the right channel.  In power panning, as used in the Vienna Ensemble, the panning process doesn't result in a loss of stereo information, but allows you to narrow (or collapse) a channel's stereo signal.