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  • To XFADE or not to xfade...

    Which do you feel is preferable?  Would it be best, forgetting convience, to select the sampled manually and scale the volume as needed or would the jumps be too abrupt?

    It seems to me, with the exception of the attack and release sound, that the effect of xfading would be equivalent to tripling the members of the section and simply turing their volume down.

    Which do you prefer? 

  • xfading doesn't really seem to sound that way - particularly with sections it just is so much better than simple volume fades - go with xfades 99% of the time

  • Hello, Xfading is fabulous, so easy, so natural, so important when you compose/record in real time. That's what I do. Except for some instruments/percussion that don't use it. David.

  • Agree with Matt .. Xfade is THE only thing to do. It's amazing and affords the best possible realism for your virtual orchestra .. providing you use it right of course.