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  • Is Logic 8 Worth Getting? Does It Work Well With Vienna Instruments?

    Hey Guys.

    I just ordered a new 8 core Mac Pro with 16GB ram which I'm very excited about getting. I was just wondering. Do you think it is worth upgrading to Logic 8 from 7? I'm thinking it would be better designed to work with 8 cores but I've heard that Logic 8 has some bugs in it, both on its own and with the Vienna Instruments. 

    Would love to hear experiences from anyone who has upgraded to Logic 8 from 7 and who is using Vienna Instruments. 

    Thanks in advance.

    All the best,


  • Hi Edwin, I was using a Digidesign 002 interface. Worked fine with 7, but couldn't be recognized in 8. I had to buy a new interface (Ensemble) and wished I hadn't switched to 8 without first checking to make sure everything was compatible. Other than that, 8 seems okay. But, as with 7, I'm getting a lot of Core Overload messages. But I've got a MacBookPro with 3g RAM. I can't imagine your system having Core Overload problems, but then I couldn't imagine my 002 not working with 8... Good luck! I'll be curious to see what other responses you get.

  • It worx flawleessly under Logic 8........everyday 14 hours a day...just great........I'm not using digidesign. SvK

  • Tom23 & Edwinsykes,

    If you are having issues of coreaudio overload you might want to visit this address and read the posts - check out the last page for a summary and an update:

  •  Hello,

    I have and intel macbook and a G5 Powermac. Logic 8.0.1 and VI/VE works fine on both for me, no real bugs as far as i can see.(OSX10.4.11).....when you use the one page view of Logic 8 i'm sure you'll never wan't to use logic 7 again.....

    For the price of the upgrade between Logic Pro 7&8, (£129) you get loads of other stuff All jam packs etc etc....Also if you install L7 first and then install the upgrade you get to keep L7 so you can iron out any issues with L8 whilst still using L7.

  • Yup. No problems here with Logic 8. Soooo much nicer to work in than 7 (and earlier). One window layout is much simpler. Wish they'd attempted a more Apple-like re-write of the Environment, but hey... maybe one day.


  •  Thanks guys. I really appreciate hearing your perspectives. Gald to hear good things about Logic 8. I think I'm going to go ahead and get it.[:D]

  • Remember...Logic was NEVER an easy program......It has a steep learning curve..Give it time ;-)...All the best. SvK