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  • An unused piece for Starship Farragut - Feedback appreciated

    Hey guys. I also posted this on the mixing topic (Altiverb discussion) but I thought it would make sense to see what people may think of this pieces mix. The piece is an unused cue from my Starship Farragut project. The mix is my new template for Logic 8 which I've been working feverishly on. And I wondered if I could get some feedback on the mix.......

  • This is very nice, though I thought that a few things were too distant, such as the strings. Also, your snares seem rather close-up, I'd push them back a bit more. Overall there's just a bit too much wet mix, but the frequencies and stereo-field are very nice.

  • Well .. the wetness is on purpose .. if you listen to either Hollowman .. or any of the later star trek film soundtracks you'll notice that they are mix very similar to this. I know it's not completely ideal .. but it's what I've been reaching for. Something that is concert like .. and epic in sound but with a recorded sort of balance. Though thank you for your comments. I know that this mix won't suit all people. :D

  • i think its really great and i was actually torn right off my seat when i dabbled in listening to the podcast while talking to someone and suddenly the tune started :-) its the typical space-tv series on the big screen sound like when the champagne bottle hits the new enterprise in space dock :o)

  • Nice piece of music - naturally there are references to Goldsmith in there which you would expect. Good. The only thing is the mix - and this is only in places. Gets a bit wishy washy with the mix of strings and horns. The Epic Horns have a great sound in my view and it can be tempting to let them get overly dominant when using samples. This then causes problems with over compensation of other instruments like the strings. Very good though - well done.

  • Thanks for the comments. Yeah this mix is a real juggling act (aren't they all). But it's not too hard for me to take down the overall reverb and recover some clarity on the instruments without sacrificing the room sound too much. .... Needless to say I think this is some of my best mixing so far, I know there's still issues but I've gotten to the point where I just have to settle with something .. until I can afford a REAL engineer to come and mix it properly :P. Again thanks for the lovely comments guys.

  • Hi Hetoreyn,

    As a vsl "beginner", I cannot give you advice on mixing - I am too new to the concepts. But I want to say that this is a beaut piece of music. The harmonic progressions are very nice. I am guessing that you are using the root relationships of different types of  thirds, and maybe a tri-tone based progression somewhere.

    Well done and again, a very  nice piece of music you have written here. Thank you  for sharing it with us.


    Steve M. 

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