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  • Server, ram and VE

    I'm in the proces of buying a new computer to run VE etc. and consider to buy a server to run the applications:

    Motherboard: Tyan h2000m or Tyan n3600m, both with 16 dimm (DDR2 reg.) and ram limit on 64 Gb

    Ram: 32 Gb (16x2Gb) Maybe even 48 Gb, if the motherboard can use 4 Gb 4-rank ram modules...(8x4Gb+8x2Gb)

    Proccessor: 2x opteron 2347 (quad-core)

    System: Vista 64-bit or XP64

    Programs: Sibelius 5.1, VE and VI

    The reason for AMD Opteron is, that it use "normal" cheap ram instead of Intel 5000 series that use the more expensive FB-dimm.

    Hardware price (in Denmark) with 32 Gb ram: around 2000 Euro


    1) With the Opteron, the ram is connected to each of the 2 processors (8 dimm each).

    a) Can Vienna Ensemble use both proccessors at the same time? (and by that, all the ram..)

    b) Can Vienna Ensemble use the quad-core?

    2) I've read on the forum that it doesn't make much sence using more than 8 or 16 Gb ram, because there is limitation in using to many Vienna Instruments...

    Are the limitations only in the number of VI's or does it influenze have much RAM each instance of VI has?

    (I would use 40-50 instances of VI, with a lot of samples in each VI)


  • just a short comment on the memory: though the motherboard might accept nonECC RAM, this usually applies only up to 8 GB in total and beyond that you need to use ECC anyway ... at least thats what i know, please double check with the manual details ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • I didn't know that you need ECC ram to get beyond 8 Gb, but it makes sence... The tyan motherboards I'm talking about needs ECC/registret ram, but not the fully bufferet ram as in the intel 5000 (dual processors) and 7000 (quad processors) series...

    [:)] Martin