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  • Quesions about downloaded SE

    ·         After I subscribe, can I download the packages of my choice? Example V10 and V11.

    ·         I would like to get the solo violin SE and SE plus packages and then stop my subscription, is this possible?·         If I would like to purchase the SE extended library after getting the downloaded standard edition,  do I need to buy the SE DVD version?

    ·    Why the SE extended library is not available as download? I hope it is under planning.

    ·         When the downloads will be available to customers? looks like the product was announced very early!


    Thanks and Regards

  • Nobody is interested?

  • Hi, I understand that the subscription is linear, like subscribing to an Encyclopedia, you are spoon fed the extensions and cannot pick and choose. Would be great if Vienna decided to release their full instruments in this manner - then financially challenged musicians could gradually grow the complete library.

  • Thanks for the info. B a d n e w s, It is much better to purchase the SE DVD version. For the SE plus, I hope VSL will change their mind and let us pick up which additional articulations we need. However, I understand that VSL is for professional production, I am not a professional, It is just a hobby.