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  • Setting MIDI-Controller and *save* the configuration?

    Hi, I did some configuration for the MIDI controllers, for example regarding Velocity Crossfade. Unfortunately the player seems not to memorize the settings. For every instance I open of the player I have to redo the settings. Is there a possibility to define a MIDI-Controller value for "Vel. x-Fade ON/OFF" and "Velocity Crossfader" as default value for all players? Thanks in advance, Tobias

  • Yes. Save a preset called startup


  • Did not work. I did the following: - Start standalone-Player - Configured Controllers - Used Main-Menu "File->Save Preset" - Set Filename "startup" in given directory When I start Standalone-Player next time, it is not loaded - but I can load in manually, then its OK. The saved file is called "startup.fxp". Why does it not work automatically? Thanks again, Tobias

  • I would imagine that you saved it in the wrong folder. What is the path for the folder that you saved it in?


  • It has been saved in the "hidden" folder of the programm (the one, which is only represented by an icon in "Programs" and can be double clicked to start the program): "Programme/Vienna Instruments/Vienna Instruments Standalone/Contents/MacOS" Best Regards, Tobias

  • Ah, MacOS. Can't help you, Sorry.

  • Maybe anyone else can? Thanks in advance ;-) Tobias

  • how does it find its way to this location? ... did you set the custom data folder properly in directory manager. AFAIK the path should be /Users/Shared/VSL Custom Data/ by default after installation.

    however i think it is not possible currently to launch by double clicking a .viframe file - didn't manage to get this working on windows too.

    .fxp-files are often bound to other applications and at least here the *open with* dialog does not allow binding to VI or VE


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks - this was the missing hint. Placing the startup.fxp in the Custom-Data-Directory worked! Best Regards, Tobias